This carving has been kicking around for a long time and at long last I finally finished it. The second time I started working on it my son phoned to say he was coming for a visit and could I come and pick him up at the ferry. I still had a bit of time so I decided to keep on working. I was using the little angle grinder and was thinking about guzzling lots of beer with Ryan my son so I had a pretty sissy ass grip on grinder. It dug into boys head then down into his shoulder and bounced back at me all in a nano second. It cut the thumb on left hand pretty deep and also got the back of right hand so off I went to emergency and it was a long weekend so there I was with a bunch of other lame ohs who had cut their foot with a lawn mower or whatever. Turns out I had to go to Van. for surgery on both hands  and had to wear big fluffy mitts for ten days then some hard plastic ones for another 3-4 weeks. That was a real pain in the buttocks, my truck is a stick shift so I couldn,t drive and even drinking beer was a bit of a challenge trying to hold a bottle. But after 8 weeks and a few visits with Flo, a hand specialist I had my grip back, the only after effect is my thumb is always a bit numb and throbs when its cold. So the little boy sat for a few more years and every time I walked by him I had a strong urge to punch the little wanker in his smirky little face. Anyway the moral of the story for all you folks who have the notion to try wood carving don,t let the thought of all that cool, sweet, sweet beer make you complacent like yours truly, and I suppose it didn’t help not having a guard on it. But real men don’t use guards do they? Well I do now. Another good thing is being as it was summer I was wearing sandles and when it cut my hands it landed by my feet. I could have wound up with my feet being out of action as well as my hands that would have been a real pickle so theres generally some sort of silver lining even if it may not seem like it at the time. So thats why I call him the dirty rotten little boy and if I have anymore problems with him I’m taking him out back and blowing him to bits with the 12 guage.

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