Frenchy- tour de france champion

One day about a month ago J. F. from www.  stopped in and asked me if I’d be interested in doing a full size figure with his hands placed so he could hold a bike for his store. Figures are my favorite things to carve and Frenchy is modeled after the guy in the movie Les Triplettes de Belleville. Frenchy stands 6′ 6” and both J.F. and his wife seemed really happy with him which is really nice because a couple of my last commission jobs the people haven,t been even able to tell me what it is they don’t like about it exactly so I just wound up keeping them. Kind of frustrating when that happens and it did cross my mind to not even try doing commission jobs for people anymore. So when you have someone who is really happy with a carving it kind of makes up for the ones who get real nit picky after a piece is done in what I think is a ploy to try and get it for less. So to Spincycles I say thanks, a pleasure doing business with you.

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2 Responses to Frenchy- tour de france champion

  1. jf on FRENCHY says:

    Jim,thank you so much,we love it

  2. Mike Lawson says:

    Really impressive stuff Jimmy – I can see that you still have the same sense of humour that I enjoyed 40 years ago. Will definitely stop by next time we are down south and see your work.

    Couldn’t subscribe to your site via RSS for some unknown reason – will keep checking back to try.

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