start of woodworking career

The following posts will show work I started out doing before finding out I had a bit of a knack for carving with a chainsaw. I tried all sorts of things like coffee tables, small boxes, bird feeders and houses, signs, chests, wood burned wall plaques and more. Trouble was everything took too long for what I could sell it for and couldn’t make a living, so I was going to give up and then tried carving with a chainsaw. Shown here is a coffee table with a woodburned and painted parrot, a bunch of little bar key chain hangers. I saw one while I was down in Mexico and tried making a whole bunch.  That’s a pic. of me at a store in Van. with some of my things, the manager told me they’d never been so unanimous about accepting someones work in one of their chain stores. I was just starting out so felt pretty good about things and went to Mexico with my son. Trouble was,I never sold enough to cover the store rent, ferry fare,  gas,etc. and  spent the next 3 years trying to find something I could make fast enough and sell,to actually live off. More than once in those first years and even the first 3-4 years chainsaw carving I felt I should go out and find a big brick wall and just smash my head into it repeatedly. I think I’ve got more pics. of work from that era and if I come across them I’ll maybe post a few more.

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