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Here’s another eagle I did for a customer with a 6′ wingspan. They’re going to put it high up in a snag on their property overlooking the ocean. Prices for eagles like this run between 350.00- 400.00

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2 little golphing bears

These little bears run in size from 25″- 34″ and can be holding a golf club, fishing pole or something else. Prices range from $100.00- $140.00 all my carvings are well treated for outdoors.

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woodburned heron

This carving is flat on the back and stands 58″ high. Carved out of red cedar, I woodburned the heron with a torch and it’s well treated with 3 coats of cetol. price $175.00

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Here’s a couple of  fish done out of red cedar. Carvings like this can be used in conjuntion with your house no’s to make a unique way for people to find your home. The top fish is a half ( … Continue reading

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little fence or gate bears

These little bears are kind of half bears that can hang on your fence or be set in a gate. They can also be just set on a stump and look like they’re coming out of it. $85.00 each

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