Elly May Borden

The latest member to join the Stumphumpers is Elly May Borden who is Peemer Mosley,s girlfriend. She moved to Scotland from Kingston, Jamaica and met the Peemer when he was on one of his wicked benders. She plays keyboard but is also a real good bongo and conga drummer giving her and Peemer something in common. She managed to get him to check into rehab. and so far has managed to keep him on the straight and narrow. One of the odd little quirks about Elly May is she never goes anywhere without her pet penguin ( marvin). Elly May is playing keyboard for the Stumphumpers right now but she knows someone who is better and she really prefers playing the congas and bongos so shes going to see if hes interested  in joining the band. If your just tuning in keep scrolling to see and read the stories of Patsy Still And The Stumphumpers.

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