gumboot bill and norman the alligator

Bill and Norman have been buddies for some years. They met when Norman crawled up on Bills front porch when he was quite small. Bill thought about throwing Norman in a pot with some onions and carrots but something changed his mind, maybe he was shitfaced on his famous white lightning, who knows. Point is he didn,t eat Norman and now they are basically inseparable and do quite well as bouncers and private body guards. Maybe one day they,ll get a gig doing security work for Patsy Still and the Stumphumpers. I just remembered Bill is 40” high and Norman is 44” long so they,d probably be better suited doing security work for the Swill Pots which is a little more up their alley anyways, and more their size.

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  1. Kelsey says:

    This is great! I love the customization and the face of gumboot bill! Maybe start doing custom statues!

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