Swamp Frog Willy

In the swamp close to Bog Hollow there is a malodorous scummy little pond where Willy likes to hang out. One day while malingering by the stinky little pool of water he spots Bud Weiser and their blood shot little eyes lock on one another and there is an instant discord. Without a word being spoken they charge each other and commence to beating the crap out of one another. The battle rages and its hard to tell who is winning or if out of the maelstrom there will even be a survivor. Finally after beating each other to a bloody pulp, they lay on the mossy bank with their little hearts pounding so hard it seemed they’d surely pop out of their heaving little chests. After catching his breath Willy notices Buddy’s sax and they start talking and light up a number and discover they’re both into music. A great friendship was born that day and now Buddy and Willy get together in Bog Hollow and do some jamming and sometimes a little barn owl called Elmer-j  shows up to hear a few tunes.

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  1. Bonnie Bradley says:

    I envy your natural ability to see what is not there. Then do it.

    Keep up with your gift.


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