crows and peckers

This gaggle of crows, and yes my 3 years of grade 9 tells me its a murder ( I believe) of crows and not a gaggle I just like the word gaggle better, but I believe flock is also acceptable. Anyway I digress , these carvings are about 21″ which is about the smallest I like to go with a chainsaw and kind of find this size a bit of a pain in the ass to carve. This year I decided to give my sisters peckers for their birthdays and I did the top one so it can be stuck anywhere and is the same as I gave my other sister a month ago. Well I guess thats about all I can think of to say about these crows and peckers so adios for now.

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  1. Janet says:

    I love your crows and woodpeckers! Would you carve any more and sell them to me?
    Or I love just a plane seagull!
    Please let me know
    I live on SSI BC

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