Suzy Sawdust and the Woodchips

The woodchips are carved out of red cedar logs and are apprx. 5 ft. in height. the drummer and bass drum, floor tom, and snare were carved out of one log. I had to cut the tom off and move it because it didn’t look right and I thought I may as well add another tom while I was at it. I got the logs from someone who had a tree taken down in their back yard. They are all carved from that one tree except for the drummer. I didn,t start out with the intention of doing a band, I did Suzi first and then the guy playing guitar with the shades and then just kept going. It was awhile before I did the drummer knowing how much work it would be. I have a set of drums myself but you,d have to say I,m pretty much a one beat kind of drummer. Anyway you can,t have a blues-rock band without a drummer so I knew I had to try doing one and looked at a fair size log I had and thought I,d see if I could do most of him out of one log. It worked out okay but its better to do the drummer and make the drums all separate which is what I did for my second band the stumphumpers.

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