How to get to Jim's Wooden Creations:

  • Email: jimswoodencreations (at)

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Directions from the Horseshoe Bay - Langdale ferry terminal:

Just a 5 minute drive when you get off the ferry.

  • Follow the flow of traffic and go straight up the hill.
  • At the top of the hill, turn left at the amber light.
  • Turn right on North Road ("N Rd" on the Google map) where most of the traffic will also be heading.
  • Be prepared to turn right on Cemetery road and follow it to the top.
  • Turn right on Keith Road, drive about 300 feet, and you're there.
If you're going the other way through town along North Road to Langdale, turn left at Cemetery road instead.
Either way, there is usually a display of carvings at the corner of Cemetery and North Road.
Your comments and communication are much appreciated.

You can write to Jim (yes, snail mail) at:
Jim Harding
979 Keith Road
Gibsons BC V0N 1V7

Email: jimswoodencreations (at)